Become an Independent Sales Rep!

Electronic cigarettes, or eCigarettes, are a very hot item these days. I have made considerable commissions by selling these devices, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same. Below are a few of my personal favorite brands, and ones which I promote. By joining the below listed programs, you will be in my personal network and I would be happy to assist you in any of your promotional efforts. If you need assistance in joining, you can contact me either at, via Skype at danny.m.henley, Yahoo Messenger at dmorganhenley.

become a green smoke sales rep
The Green Smoke affiliate program is every bit, in my opinion, as good as their product. I personally give it five-stars! One of the few tiered programs for electronic cigarettes, meaning you can build your own network of Green Smoke affiliates, commissions are paid via check once per month on the previous month’s sales. Green Smoke pays 15-20% commissions on all retail sales, for the life of the customer. They have a minimum payout of only $50 and they start you off with a $10 sign-up bonus.
As a Green Smoke Independent Sales Rep., you will get a personalized website, which is well maintained and updated by Green Smoke, with shopping cart for your customers. In your Green Smoke Affiliate Back-Office you will find plenty of promotional links and banners, but Green Smoke takes its affiliate program more serious than a lot of companies with which I have done business. There are more than 30 training videos, as well as links to many more training resources. To date, they have had 19 Monday night podcasts, all of which are archived and easily accessible in your back-office. The Green Smoke Affiliate Clubhouse is a discussion forum with close to 800 active members, where you can find information on a wide range of marketing topics. This is a great place to find answers to questions you may run into now and again.
There is an amazing number of extras in your back-office, such as, email templates, text ads, PDF marketing brochures, keyword tracking links, as well as the ability to set up automated commission alerts, which notify you via email when you make new commissions. Green Smoke has a great affiliate program, and it is absolutely free to join.
So, what are you waiting for? Click this link to become a Green Smoke Independent Sales Rep. Now! Or, click the Green Smoke banner above.

be a smoke51 independent sales rep
Smoke51 has a sliding scale commission structure. They pay a very nice 31% commission on sales between $0-$5,000 per month, 41% for sales between $5,001-$25,000 per month, and a whopping 51% commission on a sales volume of $25,001 and above. At the beginning of each month, your rate will be set back to 31%. Smoke51 pays monthly on the previous month’s sales, with a $100 minimum pay-out.
As does Green Smoke, Smoke51 operates a tiered affiliate program. Smoke51 will pay you 20% of the commissions generated by your sub-affiliates. The amount of promotional resources available in your Smoke51 back-office is on par, or exceeds, that of Green Smoke. They have some very nice page peels, lightboxes, and plenty of flash banners. Smoke51 even provides their affiliates an offline promo code that they can give word-of-mouth for potential clients to enter at a specific URL for great discounts.
The product line is another great selling point of the Smoke51 affiliate program. They offer starter kits for two different electronic cigarette designs; the two-piece DUO, and the three-piece TRIO, gift certificates, electronic cigars, accessories, and the disposable Krave electronic cigarette. Click this link to become a Smoke51 Independent Sales Rep.

be an esmoke independent sales rep
The affiliate program for eSmoke pays 20% commission on all retail sales. eSmoke pays once per month for the previous month’s sales, with a $100 minimum payout. Commissions less than the minimum roll-over to the next month, however, you do get a $50 sign-up bonus.They also have a tiered system which allows you to sign sub-affiliates up as part of your personal network. Your sub-affiliates generate matching commissions for you when they make a sale. The eSmoke program has plenty of training videos as well as the standard array of banners, manuals, coupons, email and text links, and commission alerts.
While not quite as fully stocked with promotional aids as the Green Smoke back-office, eSmoke provides down-loadable business card templates, a couple of lightboxes, and various customizable tracking links. Click this link to become an eSmoke Independent Sales Rep.

be a SafeCig independent sales rep
The SafeCig Affiliate program has fantastic reporting features in your affiliate back-office. SafeCig also offers affiliates some nice tools, such as link-cloaker and custom link generators. Not only do you get 20% commissions for all products, for the life of your customers, sales made by sub-affiliates generates a tier-commission for you, equal to 4% of their total sales. Payouts are sent via check or PayPal on the 25th of each month, for the previous month’s sales. $50 minimum payout. Click this link to Become a SafeCig Independent Sales Rep.

be a V2Cigs independent sales rep
The affiliate program at V2Cigs is a little bit different with their commission structure. For your first 100 sales, you will be paid 15%. Sales numbers 101 through 200, the commission rises to 20%, and all sales after your 200th, you make 25% commission. V2Cigs has a $100 minimum payout, but they do give you a $25.00 sign-up bonus. The V2Cigs affiliate back-office is loaded! There are plenty of promotional tools, i.e., banners, page-peels, and lightboxes, as text and html ads. They also have a very nice affiliate training center with over 8 solid hours of training tutorial videos. Click this link to Become a V2Cigs Independent Sales Rep.

be a luci independent sales rep
The LUCI Affiliate program has many benefits. Another two-tier program, allowing you to sign-up sub-affiliates into your sales team. Not only do you get 30% commissions for all products, the program will increase the commission percentage for high volume sales. If you devote special attention to promoting LUCI, such as a dedicated domain or site, you could be qualified for additional commission increases. Sales made by sub-affiliates generates a tier-commission for you. Payouts are sent via check on the 20th of each month, for the previous month’s sales. $100 minimum payout. Click this link to Become a LUCI Independent Sales Rep.